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"My wines are intended to give drinking pleasure - as stimulating accompaniments to fine cuisine or concentrated on their own."

Ludwig Neumayer decided in the 80s to continue his parents' farm as a winery and was the first in the Traisental. He wanted to tell the story of his vines and then it was not long before he found his wines in Robert Parker, Decanter and other notable publications.

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One of Austria's youngest winegrowing regions - it has only existed in this form since 1995 - is also one of the country's smallest, with around 851 hectares of vineyards, but in one respect it is very big: Here, Grüner Veltliner is in charge. Fixed points in the small wine villages are down-to-earth Buschenschanken, excursions into history grant Traismauer or Herzogenburg. Since the 2006 vintage, typical fruity and spicy Grüner Veltliners and pithy, mineral Rieslings have been marketed under the Traisental DAC designation.

Climate & Terroir

The Traisental lies at the intersection of the Pannonian and continental climates. Cool winds from the nearby Alps meet warm air currents from the Danube valley here. This leads to sometimes extreme differences between daytime and nighttime temperatures, which favors the formation of aromas and their storage in the berry skin (skin), especially during the ripening period of the grapes. Incredibly aromatic wines are the result of this natural peculiarity. This coupled with the unique soils gives our wines their unmistakable typicity. Many great wines of the world grow on soils rich in limestone. The Traisental is the only wine-growing region in Lower Austria where exactly these soils dominate. Limestone conglomerates form the basis of the best sites in the Traisental. This unique soil formation is rich in valuable minerals and optimally regulates the water balance. The soils give Grüner Veltliner its unmistakable spiciness as well as its clear, varietal aroma. To the Riesling they give concentrated strength and a firm body. As a result, our wines also have great potential for aging. Markus Huber himself prefers to drink his site wines when they have a few years of bottle maturity.


Our vineyards are located mainly in small terraced sites on stony limestone terroir. Natural and artisanal cultivation has always been a natural tradition for us. Currently, we cultivate our own vineyard area of about 15 hectares, mosaic-like distributed over many plots. Lime conglomerate is an idiosyncratic soil: demanding but generous.
Lime soils are alkaline soils with high pH values. Wines from limestone, however, have low pH values and therefore high acidity.
Accordingly, the limestone soils characteristic of our vineyards typically produce very bright and crystal-clear wines with a lively play of acidity.

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