Das Projekt AALTO wurde im Februar 1999 in der renommierten Weinbauregion Ribera del Duero (Spanien) gegründet. Das grundlegende Ziel von Mariano Garcia und Javier Zaccagnini bei AALTO war es, einen Wein zu erzeugen, der


The story of Almaviva began in 1997 when a partnership was formed between the Chair of the Advisory Board of Baron Philippe de Rotschild S.A, Baroness Philippine de Rotschild, and the CEO of Viña Concha y Torro, Eduardo Guilisasti Tagle.


The motivation is to get the best possible out of each vintage. The Alphart winery orients itself to everything that counts as the optimum in the respective area worldwide - without wanting to copy it. Florian Alphart

Andreas Posch

Andrea and Andreas Posch want to promote reading and combine it with wine. For decades, the Posch family has been growing wine on the Hollerberg in eastern Styria, creating a place where wine is cultivated and space

Angerhof Tschida

"The sweet wines are our great strength, the red wines complete the range. We are pleased that we are especially right with our sweet wines" Winery Angerhof-Tschida. The history of the Tschida winery began in 1982, when the first wine was bottled.

Anna & Martin Arndorfer

Martin joins his parents' business in 2000, alongside his studies, and turns it around within a blink of an eye, significantly influenced by his experience and friendship with the Piedmontese natural wine maker Fabrizio Iuli. There, among other things,

Artemis Karamolegos

Auf der soliden Grundlage der Weinbautradition von Großvater Artemis, die seit 1952 besteht, hat das Weingut im Jahr 2004 einen dynamischen Einstieg in den modernen Weinbau vollzogen, als Enkel Artemis Karamolegos in die Produktionsanlage

Attila Gere

Die Geschichte der Weinkellerei Gere Attila begann vor sieben Generationen. Unsere Vorfahren haben ihr Können und ihre Einstellung von einer Generation zur nächsten weitergegeben, und der Betrieb wird nach wie vor von allen Familienmitgliedern


The winery is named after the Avignonesi family, who originally owned the estate back in the 14th century. In later years it has managed to further develop the viticulture and bring out the true character of


The name alone suggests a long tradition behind it. With a 300-year-old family history, the winery is one of the so-called 3 big “Bs” from Deidesheim. Not only did it have a decisive influence on the development of viticulture in the Pfalz region,


Extending across 40 Crus of the Champagne region, Billecart - Salmon has been delivering outstanding Champagne in the heart of Mareuil-sur-Aÿ along 7 generations.

Black Island Winery

Black Island Winery is located in the village of Smokvica on the island of Korčula and produces white wine from the Pošip grape called Merga Victa. This place, where the winery vineyards are located, was called Merga Victa

Bodegas Muga

Bodegas Muga ist der führende Produzent von Rioja Alta und die Familie Muga gilt einstimmig als eine der wichtigsten Winzerfamilien Spaniens. Das Weingut hat aufgrund seiner Philosophie, die sich um das Festhalten an Tradition,


One of Bulgaria’s most famous wineries that has achieved cult status, Borovitza is located among the Belogradchik rocks, near the village of the same name, an area that has seen winemaking since antiquity. With soils composed of 240-million-year-old

Brand Bros

The winemakers Daniel and Jonas Brand took over their parents' winery in 2014 and are now running it in the fifth generation. With father Jürgen's support, they expanded from 12 to 18 hectares and switched production