Waldviertler Whiskey J.H. Original Rye

Country | Austria
Region | Waldviertel
Volume | 0.7 l
ABV | 41% vol.

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The Waldviertler’s Original Rye J.H. is indeed the first ever whiskey to be produced in Austria, with it’s launch dating back to 1998. It is made of 60% rye and 40% barley malt therefor following the tradition of a classical American rye whiskey. It has aged for 12 years in barrels made of Austrian oak.
Aroma: Fruity - juicy orange, red apple and banana; toffee and delicate oak notes; strong rye spiciness; later in the glas it develops floral and herbaceous notes.
Taste: Juicy and fresh. Tart, reminding of bread and caramel, cumin and tropical fruit. A spicy finish with a light sweetness.



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